Talentineprovides specialized business services, this apart from talent hunt.

Equipped with years of experience working at various corporate environments, the founders of Talentine bring in rich experiences that could benefit any company. 

Talentineserves to get business connected to market expectations. No jargon, just plane straight forward services that would meet the needs of the time. 

Recruitment Consulting and Staffing Agency

Job Search

Skill Training


Bringing together!

Talent + Employer = Opportunity

Every business needs someone to manage hiring, training, salaries, and employee relations. Whether you sell products or services, Talentine can help run your company's HR tasks especially the tedious and most challenging hiring!

There are significant pain areas that you may be going through, Talentine is here to help address those pain areas, especially that of hiring. Call Talentine that we could together work for betterment and continual improvement.

We identify the right candidate for your business need, a candidate who would grow with the company, a candidate who would be the real asset to your company. As a staffing agency, talentine provides job search and recruitment services for companies in India.

HR Consulting

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